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Dr. Bob Zybach, PhD Environmental Sciences

President, NW Maps Co.
Program Manager, Oregon Websites & Watersheds Project, Inc.


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December 12, 2003 PhD. Oregon State University Environmental Sciences Program. Fields: Forest Sciences, Cultural Anthropology, Public Education. Academic Focus: Environmental Sciences Education. Dissertation: The Great Fires: Indian burning and catastrophic forest fire patterns of the Oregon Coast Range, 1491-1951. [PDF_60_MB]
September 3, 1999

MAIS. Oregon State University Department of Forest Sciences. Fields: Forest Ecology; Cultural Anthropology; Historical Archaeology. Thesis: Using oral histories to document changing forest cover patterns: Soap Creek Valley, Oregon, 1500-1999. [PDF_12_MB]

October 10, 1992

Certificate of Achievement. 1992-2015 Alberta Street Cultural Resource Inventory with Recommendations. Designed and managed N/NE Portland, Oregon summer "at risk" high school student research/employment project to successful completion. [1992 Report: PDF_6_MB; 2015 Report: PDF_20_MB]

June 9, 1991 BS. Oregon State University College of Forestry. Discipline: Forest Resource Recreation. Academic Focus: Cultural Resources Management.
January 31, 1990 Certificate in Northwest Studies. This was one of the last two certificates awarded for the Oregon State University Program in Northwest Studies. The other certificate was awarded to Kevin Sherer at about the same time I got mine. It was Kevin's idea for the two of us to apply for these certificates before the program was ended.
February 10, 1989 Xi Sigma Pi. National Forestry Honor Society, Zeta Chapter. Naturally, my name is misspelled.
December 1982 1982 Inc. 500. Personal business, Phoenix Reforestation, Inc., selected as #332nd "Fastest-Growing Private Company In The U.S." by Inc. Magazine in inaugral 1982 Inc. 500 listing. The award has now been expanded to an annual online Inc. 5000 list, with the "Top 500 CEOs" as a sub-category. [PDF_8_MB]
1981 - 1985 Editor/Associate Editor. Associated Reforestation Contractor, Inc.'s A.R.C. Quarterly. Professional reforestation trade journal with 1500 national distribution; principal focus on worker safety and reforestation of federal and industrial forestlands in the western US.
Winter 1970 Poetry Editor. Portland State University The Review Magazine. Major: Elementary Education.
June 1966 HS Diploma. McNary High School, Salem, Oregon. The Math Club worked with programming a rudimentary personal computer to do simple airthmetic for a few weeks. Not my idea of fun. This was McNary's first year of operation and I was part of its first graduating class. Yearbook photo from first McNary Claymore (1966, Vol. 1: 17).
  December 1962

95 Lbs. Freshman City Wrestling Champion. Grant High School, Portland, Oregon.

March 1955 1st Grade Graduate. Woodland, Washington GS. Mrs. Siegal taught me how to read phonetically and encouraged my interest in science, particularly dinosaurs and outer space.


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Zybach, Bob, Michael Dubrasich, Gregory Brenner, and John Marker 2009. "U.S. Wildfire Cost-Plus-Loss Economics Project: The “One-Pager” Checklist" (full text). Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center: 20 pp. [PDF_1_MB]

Zybach, Bob 2008. Gordon Meadows Restoration Plan. Report prepared for Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde Indians by Oregon Websites and Watersheds Project, Inc., Philomath, Oregon: 18 pp. [PDF_XX_MB].

Zybach, Bob 2008. The Owl Ridge Trails Project: Location and Documentation of Primary Travel, Trade, and Resource Use Trails of the Santiam Molalla in the South Santiam River and Blue River, Oregon Headwaters, from 1750 to 1850. Report prepared for Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde Indians by Oregon Websites and Watersheds Project, Inc., Philomath, Oregon: 85 pp. [PDF_XXX_MB]

Zybach, Bob 2007. Precontact History and Cultural Legacy of Forest Research Sites in Southwestern Oregon. Report prepared for OSU Forest Sciences, Corvallis, Oregon and Western BLM, Roseburg, Oregon by NW Maps Co., Albany, Oregon: 28 pp.[PDF_1_MB]

Zybach, Bob 2006. “Forests of the Pacific Northwest: Sustainable Use and Resiliency,” The Consultant, Annual Journal of the Association of Consulting Foresters of America Inc., Vol. 2006: 14-18.

Zybach, Bob and Nana Lapham 2004. "B&B Complex," Oregon Websites and Watersheds Project, Inc. Internet report prepared for OSU College of Forestry and USDA Pacific Northwest Research Station: (March 13, 2004).

Zybach, Bob 2002. "The Alseya Valley Prairie Complex, ca. 1850: Native Landscapes in Western GLO Surveys," IN: Changing Landscapes: "Sustaining Traditions," Proceedings of the 5th and 6th Annual Coquille Cultural Preservation Conferences, Coquille Indian Tribe, North Bend, Oregon: 161-188. [PDF_1_MB]

Zybach, Bob and George Ice 1997. "Revisiting the Botkin Salmon Study," IN: Proceedings of the 1997 NCASI West Coast Regional Meeting, Special Report No. 97-13, National Council for Air and Stream Improvement (NCASI), Corvallis, Oregon: 276-321. [PDF_29_MB]

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Zybach, Bob and Kevin Sherer 1995.  Wanda Marcks Cook.  The Story of the Sulphur Springs Stock Ranch, Benton County, Oregon: 1904-1939.  Soap Creek Valley History Project, Monograph #12.  Oregon State University Research Forests and College of Forestry, Corvallis, Oregon: 100 pp. [PDF_4_MB].

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Zybach, Bob 1989.  Historic Soap Creek Valley Auto Tour.  Oregon State University Research Forests and College of Forestry, Corvallis, Oregon: 32 pp. [PDF_4_MB]

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Relevant Employment History

1996-Present Oregon Websites & Watersheds Project, Inc. (ORWW), Program Manager.

1994-Present NW Maps Co., President.

1994-2002 Benton County, Oregon Historic Resources Commission (HRC), Commissioner, Historic Resources Protection Chair.

1989-1996 Oregon State University (OSU) Research Forests, Cultural Resources Management Forester.

1981-1985 Associated Reforestation Contractors, Inc. A.R.C. Quarterly, Vice-President; Editor; Associate Editor.

1970-1991 Phoenix Reforestation, Inc., Eddyville, Oregon, President

1966-1970 Pacific Reforestation, Inc., Lake Oswego, Oregon, Lead Man.


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