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Waiwaiole, Lono 1980. "Oregons Oil!," Ruralite. Consumer's Power, Inc., Forest Grove, OR. Vol. 27, No. 10 (October): 16-17. Discussion of Eddyville, Oregon plans to create small woodland owner's co-op to produce forest nursery stock, collective marketing strength, and energy from forest biomass. Subsequent increased oil avaialbility and plummeting timber and land values ended plans.

Kadera, Jim 1983. "Reforestation Firm Successful: Handling Planting of Trees Only Part of Job," The Sunday Oregonian, Portland, OR. August 21: D10. Discussion of current reforestation practices and economics in the Pacific Northwest, including job descriptions, general housing economy effects, and employment of illegal aliens.

Braman, Tom 1987. "Indian Trail to Coast Teaches History, Ecology," Benton Bulletin. Philomath, OR. Vol. 12, No. 9 (October 1): 3, 12. Historic 1840s Klickitat horse trail from Kings Valley to Yaquina Bay, Oregon is researched for recreation, historical, cultural, and ecological values.

Anderson, Chris 1993. "Forest of Voices," Georgia Review, University of Georgia, Athens, GA. Vol. XLVII, No. 3 (Fall): 483-499. Oregon State University Research Forest in Benton County, Oregon is considered for its scientific, cultural, historical, social and economic values to the local community of Corvallis and to neighboring landowners. Used as a basis for University technical writing textbooks for several years. 

Peterson, James 1994. "Voices in the Forest: An Interview with Bob Zybach," Evergreen Magazine, March-April, 1994: 7-22. Comprehensive interview regarding forest and wildfire history research, and how it applies to the Clinton Plan for Northwest Forests. Also features Peterson editorials, public testimony by Benjamin Stout, and excerpts from Chris Anderson's essay on the same topics.

Solomon, Jennifer 1995. "Historical Research Reveals Northwest Forests Were Shaped by Fire," Forests Today & Forever, Eugene, OR. Vol. 9, Issue 5: 4-7, 16. Discussion of Clinton Plan for Northwest Forests in terms of regional Indian burning and catastrophic wildfire histories, with excerpts from Peterson Evergreen Magazine interview.

Ingalls, Cathy 1999. "Shedding Light on Black History," Albany Democrat-Herald, Albany, OR: May 26: B1. Discussion of Benton County, Oregon black pioneers during a tour of four sites commemorating Letitia Carson, Lew Southworth, Reuben Shipley, and Eliza Gordon.

Lundeberg, Steve 1999. "A Taste of Days Gone By," Albany Democrat-Herald, Albany, OR: July 7: B1. Discussion of Soap Creek Valley, Oregon oral history project, and the importance of local history to students and residents. Highlight is a visit to historic Sulphur Springs.


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