SELECT REPORTS, 1990 - 2013

By Dr. Bob Zybach


Zybach, Bob and Don Ivy 2013. Coquelle Trails: Early Historical Roads and Trails of Ancestral Coquille Indian Lands, 1826 - 1875 (2 vol.). Coquille Indian Tribe, Inc., North Bend, Oregon & Oregon Websites & Watersheds Project, Inc., Philomath, Oregon: 202 pp. [Vol. I: PDF_9.7_MB; Vol. II: PDF_8.2_MB].
Zybach, Bob, 2012. The 1855 - 1856 Oregon Indian War in Coos County, Oregon: Eyewitnesses and Storytellers, March 27, 1855 – August 21, 1856. Oregon Websites & Watersheds Project, Inc., Philomath, Oregon; Coquelle Indian Tribe, North Bend, Oregon; & NW Maps Co., Cottage Grove, Oregon: 259 pp.
Zybach, Bob and George Wasson, Jr. 2009. Forest and Fire History of the Coos Bay Wagon Road Lands in Coos County, Oregon, 1750 to 1950. Unpublished draft report on file w/ Coquille Indian Tribe, North Bend, Oregon, & w/ Oregon Websites & Watersheds Project, Inc., Philomath, Oregon: 118 pp. [Discussion & Conclusions (pp. 79-83): PDF_123_KB].
Zybach, Bob 2009. A Cultural Renaissance: Report on the 2009 Native American Ecological Education Symposium. Western Institute for the Study of the Environment (June 4, 2009): . Presentation, Southern Oregon University, Ashland, Oregon,May 22, 2009: Kalapuya_Burning.htm
Zybach, Bob 2008. The Owl Ridge Trails Project: Location and Documentation of Primary Travel, Trade, and Resource Use Trails of the Santiam Molalla in the South Santiam River and Blue River, Oregon Headwaters, from 1750 to 1850. Oregon Websites and Watersheds Project, Inc., Philomath, Oregon: 85 pp. [PDF Files]
Zybach, Bob 2007. Precontact History and Cultural Legacy of Forest Research Sites in Southwestern Oregon. NW Maps Co.: 28 pp.
Zybach, Bob and Josh Meredith 2005. “Oregon Wildfires,” Oregon Websites and Watersheds Project, Inc. Internet report: (December 10, 2005).
Zybach, Bob and Nana Lapham 2004. "B&B Complex," Oregon Websites and Watersheds Project, Inc. Internet report: (March 13, 2004).

Zybach, Bob 2002. Hypertext Indices of the Published Writings of Henry Paul Hansen, from 1933 to 1967. Internet Report prepared for George Taylor, Oregon State Climatologist, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, USA: (August 2, 2002).

Zybach, Bob and George Ice 1997. "Revisiting the Botkin Salmon Study," IN: Proceedings of the 1997 NCASI West Coast Regional Meeting, Special Report No. 97-13, National Council for Air and Stream Improvement (NCASI), Corvallis, Oregon: pp. 276-321. [HTML/JPG - PDF_28_MB].

Zybach, Bob 1996. Historical Overview of Columbia Gorge Forestlands: Dynamics and Fragmentation, 1792-1996. NW Maps Corvallis, Oregon: 67 pp.[PDF_7.1_MB: B&W only].

Zybach, Bob and Patrick Maeder 1996. Draft Report on 1996 Inventory of 1955-1977 Oregon Timber Tax Maps. NW Maps Co., Corvallis, OR: 89 pp. w/Appendices.

Zybach, Bob 1994. Siletz Gorge Forest History: Methods and Recommendations for Using Northwest Forest History Information with GIS Applications. Center for Environmental Studies, Santa Barbara, CA: 77 pp. w/24 appendices.

Zybach, Bob 1993. "Selecting a Model to Estimate the Effects of Climate Change and Management Activities on Carbon Cycling in Temperate Forest Regions," IN: Vinson, Ted S. and Tatyana P. Kolchugina (editors)1993, Proceedings of the International Workshop on Carbon Cycling in Boreal Forest and Sub-Arctic Ecosystems: Biospheric Responses and Feedbacks to Global Climate Change, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Office of Research and Development, Washington, DC: 193-202.

Zybach, Bob and Michael "Chappie" Grice 1992. 1992 Alberta Street Cultural Resource Inventory With Recommendations. Urban Forestry, Inc., Portland, Oregon: 150 pp.

Reissued by World Arts Foundation, Inc., Portland, Oregon, in 2011: [PDF: 5.3 mb.]



Zybach, Bob 1992. Alsea River Drainage, Oregon: Sources and Uses of Historical Information for the Drift Creek and Lobster Valley Areas. Coastal Oregon Productivity Enhancement (COPE) Program, USDA Pacific Northwest Research Station, Corvallis, OR: 67 pp.


Zybach, Bob, Kevin Sherer and Angela C. Sondenaa  1990.  1990 Oregon State University Research Forests “Human Use” Cultural Resource Inventory.  Prepared for William Atkinson, Jeffrey Garver, and Royal Jackson.  Oregon State University Research Forests and College of Forestry, Corvallis, OR: 202 pp.


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