The Boze and Rainbow Fire smoke plumes from the air, Umpqua National Forest, Douglas County, Oregon, September 22, 2009. (Photo by J. Baldwin, US Forest Service, Inciweb).

Predicting Oregon's 2012 Major Wildfire Events

by Dr. Bob Zybach

This article is the third of a series of four published in Oregon Fish & Wildlife Journal during 2012. The series was specific to the prediction and mitigation of forest and prairie wildfires in Oregon, but has general application for most forests and grassslands in the western U.S. -- particularly those lands managed by the federal government. The other three articles in the series (one is actually a short introductory editorial), and an earlier article I coauthored regarding Wildfire Economics (which is directly referenced in the introduction to this series), are linked in the second table below.

Citation: Zybach, Bob 2012. "Predicting Oregon's 2012 Major Wildfire Events," Oregon Fish & Wildlife Journal, Vol. 34, No. 3: 29-39. [PDF_3_MB].

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2012 Oregon Wildfire Article Series:

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