Cover Photo: Photograph by Bruce Fraser. This is from a series Bruce and I were putting together for a reforestation instructional manual. Dean Pihlstrom was editor of this first issue of the A.R.C. Quarterly and he wanted a "classic photo" of a treeplanter swinging a hoedad. He was a little dismayed that this was the best I had in my files, and maybe in part because it featured a business competitor. He did get the picture he wanted for the third issue of the magazine, but it demonstrated a style I specifically told my crew members to avoid -- too dangerous, too tiring, and too slow, however humorous.

Safety and Profit

by Dr. Bob Zybach

REFERENCE: Zybach, Bob 1981. "Safety and Profit," A.R.C. Quarterly, Associated Reforestation Contractors, Inc., Vol. 1, No. 1 (Fall): 12-13. [PDF_3_MB].


Treeplanter humor: cartoon artist and photographer unknown. Bruce Nelson is third from left in picture of Pihlstrom Salmon River Firefighters crew.

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