The Great Fires: Figures

Zybach, Bob 2018. The Great Fires: Indian Burning and Catastrophic Forest Fire Patterns of the Oregon Coast Range, 1491-1951 (2nd Edition). NW Maps Co., Cottage Grove, Oregon: 364 pp.

This is an index with links to the 38 Figures featured in The Great Fires. 17 of the figures are in color; 21 in black & white; 13 are free; and 25 figures are for sale for $3 or $5 each. All figures are sized slightly larger than the original print versions and can be printed on standard 8 1/2" x 11" copy paper. Free figures are in the form of 8" x 10" 200 d.p.i. (dots-per-inch) JPEGs and commercial figures are in the form of 300 d.p.i. PDF files that can also be printed on larger formats.

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1.01 Fire Triangle: Topography, Weather, and Fuel. 10 $3_PDF
1.02 Palmer Drought Index, western Oregon, 1663-1983. 21 FREE_JPG
1.03 Sitka spruce regeneration: 15,000 trees/acre at 10 years. 30 FREE_JPG
1.04 Sitka spruce old-growth, near Waldport, Oregon, 1923. 31 $5_PDF
1.05 Douglas-fir 2nd-growth, near Cottage Grove, Oregon, at 66 years. 32 FREE_JPG
2.01 Grassy bald on Marys Peak, Benton County, Oregon, 1885. 59 $3_PDF
2.02 Sources of living memory, Siletz Tribe, Lincoln County, Oregon, 1924. 61 FREE_JPG
2.03 Aerial photograph of Alsea town and valley, Benton County, Oregon, June 29, 1948. 64 $3_PDF
2.04 T. 14 S., R. 7 W. annotated GLO field notes, Alsea Valley, Oregon, June 9, 1856. 66 FREE_JPG
2.05 Alsea Valley North Fork ridgeline trail network, ca. 1800-2003. 88 $3_PDF
3.01 Native people of the Oregon Coast Range. 103 $5_PDF
3.02 Large wood products, Oregon Coast Range, 1788-1860.  105 $5_PDF
3.03 Sauvies Island seasonal flood, Multnomah County, Oregon, pre-1941 dike completion. 127 FREE_JPG
3.04 Willamette Valley, Oregon, 1845-1888. 130 $5_PDF
3.05 Soap Creek Valley, Benton County, Oregon, 1914-1989. 133 $3_PDF
3.06 Alseya Valley, Oregon prairie relicts, April 14, 2003. 138 $3_PDF
3.07 Coos Bay (Marshfield), Coos County, Oregon, 1885. 141 $3_PDF
4.01 Precontact Douglas-fir and white oak old-growth, Oregon Coast Range, 1841-2003. 151 $3_PDF
4.02 Logging of Clatskanie River basin, Columbia County, Oregon, ca. 1900. 152 $3_PDF
4.03 Millicoma Fire second-growth reforestation, Coos County, Oregon, ca. 1946. 154 FREE_JPG
4.04 Yaquina Burn, Toledo, Lincoln County, Oregon, 1885. 158 $3_PDF
4.05 Yaquina and Nestucca burns, Lincoln and Tillamook counties, Oregon, ca. 1902. 162 $5_PDF
4.06 1868 Coos Burn, Gould's Lake landslide, Coos County, Oregon, 1894. 167 FREE_JPG
4.07 Tillamook Fire mushroom cloud, Tillamook County, Oregon, August 24, 1933. 170 FREE_JPG
4.08 Tillamook Burn snags, Tillamook County, Oregon, ca. 1938. 173 FREE_JPG
D.01  Aerial photo of Grass Mountain balds, Alsea Valley, Oregon, 1966. 311 FREE_JPG
D.02  Aerial photo of Prairie Peak prairies, Alsea Valley, Oregon, June 9, 1965. 321 FREE_JPG
D.03  John Sapp home and family, Lobster Valley, Benton County, Oregon, ca. 1900 324 FREE_JPG

Index to "Alseya Valley," Oregon prairie relicts photographs, April 14, 2003.

Note: This map locates photo points for the following Figures in Appendix H.

H.01. North Fork Alsea River, Oregon Indian Trail crossing, April 14, 2003. 339 $3_PDF
H.02  North Fork Alsea River, Oregon Indian Trail crossing, early fall, 2003. 340 $5_PDF
H.03  North Fork Indian prairie relict, Alsea Valley, Oregon, April 14, 2003. 340 $3_PDF
H.04  Canoe campsite, North Fork Alsea River, Oregon, April 14, 2003. 341 $3_PDF
H.05 Riparian prairie relict, North Fork Alsea River, Oregon, April 14, 2003. 342 $3_PDF
H.06 Landmark hill and oak savannah relict, Alsea River Forks, Oregon, April 14, 2003. 343 $3_PDF
H.07 Douglas fir stump, Alsea High School, April 14, 2003. 344 $3_PDF
H.08 Mouth of Mill Creek, Alsea Valley, Oregon, April 14, 2003. 345 $3_PDF
H.09 "Old Billy's" homesite, Alsea Valley, Oregon, with rainbow, April 14, 2003. 346 $3_PDF
H.10 Prairie relict near "The Narrows," in Alsea Valley, Oregon, April 14, 2003. 347 $3_PDF

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