July 20, 2003 UPDATE


Dear Reviewer:


Thank you for your willingness to review and comment on this June 13, 2003 hypertext version of my July 8, 2003 defense draft. As of June 13th, revised drafts of everything except Appendix E were placed online in nearly the present version. Text formatting and hyperlinks still need (obviously) work. An updated version of this draft will be put online sometime after the final library draft is completed.


[February 14, 2006 Note: As of this time, two library copies of this thesis are at OSU Valley Library, but the "final library draft" (with DVD) remains incomplete despite Kermit's best efforts to get me to finish it. One of these days . . . Seriously, completing the final touches on my thesis and getting hard cover copies to my committee and sponsors remains an important and high priority task. To this day. BZ]


This is a working draft, from both scientific argument and hypertext formatting perspectives. I appreciate any and all suggestions and criticisms (especially those received before August 10, 2003), but prefer text quotes not be made from this draft. Same with tables. Maps and figures are fine, and I encourage all use and reproductions of these products, but they should be properly cited and dated July 8, 2003, unless a copyright date is already in place. Tables are the same as text--please wait for my final library edit before citing.


Please check, first and foremost, for any errors or omissions you might find. Second, I want to make this document as clear and concise as possible. So much as reasonable, I would like to present my findings and conclusions in the forms of logically arranged pictures, tables, and maps.


I'll continue to fix broken links and add new ones as time allows. Thanks for your help and insights.


Bob Zybach

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