Persephone in Oregon


10,000+ BC    People arrive and settle in present-day Oregon

6,000 BC         Earliest dated camas ovens discovered so far in Oregon

5,000 BC         Earliest evidence of beer production in Egypt and Mesopotamia

1,500 BC         Earliest records of Eleusinian Mysteries: Cult of Demeter, beer imports established in Greece

600 BC            Homeric Hymn to Demeter regarding Persephone is written, possibly by Pamphos

411 BC            Aristophane’s Thesmophoriazusae is produced: Demeter, snakes, pigs, and pomegranates

329 BC            Circus Maximus: Red (Summer); White (Winter); Green (Spring); Blue (Autumn)

275 BC            Pyrrhus plunders the Temple of Persephone in Locris before retreat to Epirus

8 AD               Ovid completes Metamorphosis, including Ceres and Proserpine (Book 5)

363 AD           Near end of Eleusinian Mysteries
380 AD           Edict of Thessalonica

549 AD           Last Chariot Race of Circus Maximus: Consuela on August 18; December 15

1066 AD         Serpent Mound is constructed along Ohio River

1483 AD         Incas conquer Aymara Indians of Lake Titicaca; chicha beer is regional drink of choice

1533 AD         Spain invades and conquers the Incan Empire of Peru
1579 AD         Francis Drake explores coastal Oregon from the sea and names the land “New Albion”

1817 AD         William Cullen Bryant publishes Thanatopsis: “Where rolls the Oregon”
1843 AD         Beginning of “Great Migration” over Oregon Trail from Ohio & Missouri river valleys to Willamette Valley
1889 AD         Alfred Lord Tennyson publishes Demeter and Persephone

1908 AD         Paolo Orsi rediscovers Temple of Persephone near Locri, Italy; contains thousands of preserved pinakes


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